27 Nov 18
"Find The Missing Millions"

The theme for World Hepatitis Day 2019 will continue with initiatives and advocacy to help find the missing millions- those living with Hepatitis C. The Partnership is planning an event to mark this in Ireland...more information soon.

In conjunction with the Mater hospital we are offering an antibody swab test, a Fibrescan and an immediate appointment for a full blood screen and entry onto one of two care pathways with the Mater hospital. The centre clients are currently or were previously linked to, is not of importance, as this is a HepCare Europe research programme, all clients are eligible to be treated at the Mater hospital.

Clients who would like to get tested for Hepatitis C or who know they are Hep C positive and would like treatment are invited to attend. Clients must hold a valid PPS number and be over the age of 18.

Other information that might be useful