Types of support

If you or someone you know has hepatitis C it is really important to get the right information and advice. Support is available throughout the country.

Often the first ports of call for support is your GP.  In addition, the medical staff at your nearest testing clinic are able to offer advice and a listening ear to help clarify any questions you may have.

There are also community and voluntary organisations with dedicated staff that are trained with up-to-date information about hepatitis C and the latest developments in relation to treatments and supports.  They would be able to answer most questions that relate to transmission, testing, living with Hep C, the supports available and the treatments.  These organisations usually offer one-to-one, group support and education on hepatitis C.

The HSE also have a confidential helpline with trained staff who can give advice about transmission, testing and local supports -1800 459 459.

The Hepatitis C Trust in the UK has a vast amount of information and advice on several topics which is relevant to those living in Ireland.  You can visit their website at Hepatitis C Trust UK

Many of the hepatitis C supports available in Ireland can be found on our map here.

Other information that might be useful