Helpful tips, diet and suggested meal plan

You can improve the health of your liver by choosing the right kinds of food to embrace and avoid.

Making healthy choices with regards to what you put into your body will have a positive impact not only on your liver health but your overall wellbring.  A good example of this has to do with your energy levels.  One of the functions of your liver is to store energy.  If you have liver damage then you may find yourself needing to eat more frequently. Choosing the right foods that help your body to work well is very important.  The following are some guidlines on the types of food that help your body as well as those that hinder it.

 Foods that help your liver function better

Polyunsaturated Fats - Olive oil and oily fish are considered to be an excellent source of fatty acids (good fats)

Complex carbs - Rice, bread, crispbreads, potatoes, pasta, crackers -these food release engergy slowly which means you won't get as hunger so quickly

Proteins - Poultry, quorn, fish, dairy, pulses, tofu, eggs.  A damaged liver will have insufficent levels of 'glycogen' - a term that describes the store of carbohydrates. These foods help to build muscle mass and improve energy levels.

Fruit and Vegtables - A diet full of fruit and vegtables is an excellent source of vital vitamins and minerals.  Zinc is thought to be particularly good for the liver.  Foods rich in zinc are mushrooms, garlic and spinach.


Foods that hinder your liver function

Alcohol - Avoid alcohol.  It puts uncessary strain on your liver and will increase your liver damage.

Soft drinks - Most soft drinks are full of fructose which is associated fatty liver disease.

Fat, Sugar and Salt - Much of the fast food and processed foods available today are full of fat, sugar and salt.  Check the packages to to get this information.




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