Join the Partnership

Membership of the Hepatitis C Partnership is open to any group or organisation that agrees to the terms of reference.

To apply to become a member please forward contact information and details about your organisation to info@hepinfo.ie. As a member of the Hepatitis C Partnership you will a file of the logo which can be used to signify your membership of the partnership.


In becoming a member of the Hepatitis C Partnerships it means that you agree to:


  • The 6 terms of reference as stated below
  • To receive quarterly e-zines with the latest developments in relation to Hepatitis C
  • To be added to a mailing list which will be used only for the promotion of Hepatitis C and related issues?


6 Terms of Reference for the Hepatitis C Partnership


  1. To establish a national collaborative network of stakeholders working in the area of Hepatitis C across the community/voluntary/statutory sectors with service user involvement at its centre.
  2. To provide a centralised information hub for all voluntary/community groups working with people with Hepatitis C and explore options around annual information meetings/conferences, social media information sharing/networking.
  3. To enhance and strengthen the support and information sharing network through the community/voluntary sector by working collaboratively with the service providers and groups such as ICORN, the HSE National Hepatitis C Strategy Implementation Group and the Consultative Council on Hepatitis C.
  4. To undertake and participate in public awareness campaigns which promote testing, treatment and general health promotion in relation to Hepatitis C, together with the above groups.
  5. To share the many experiences of the already established Hepatitis C networks in the community and provide a platform for service user experience to be heard and communicated onto the service providers.
  6. To advocate for the continued rollout of the HSE National Hepatitis C Strategy through national collaboration.