HepC Information

5 Things to Know About Hepatitis C

These 5 pieces of information represent key facts about the Hepatitis C virus.

  1. The new Hep C treatment has a 95% CURE rate, however cure does not equal immunity
  2. Hep C is a Blood Borne Virus meaning you catch from the blood of an infected person
  3. If you have Hepatitis C and drink Alcohol excessively the impact of the virus on the liver will be accelerated. You will speed up the damage to your liver.
  4. The most common way to Catch the Virus is through injecting drug use, in Ireland over 73% of people who inject drugs have Hep C. The other main ways to catch it are through snorting equipment, tattoos and piercings, unsanitized medical procedures and having a blood transfusion pre 1989. (Pre 1989 because blood was only tested after 1989)
  5. Getting the virus through Sex is a low risk factor however blood is more likely to be present if sex is rougher, goes on for a long time, if you are using sex toys or you are living with HIV. Men who have sex with men appear to be at a greater risk. 


If you have any questions about these key facts please contact us or visit HSE, National Hepatitis Treatment Programme Website.