Common Side Effects

Unlike the old treatments for Hep C the new DAA treatments have very few side effects. Side effects to most medications depend greatly on the individual and generally subside after the first few weeks of treatment.

Most people find DAA tablets very easy to take and report only minor side effects. It is important to remember that for some people, associated complications from long term infection may increase some of these symptoms or they may experience them to a greater extent than others. You may feel a little sick and have trouble sleeping to begin with, but this should soon settle down.


The following is a list of some of the side effects:

• depression
• skin irritation
• anxiety
• problems sleeping (insomnia)
• anorexia
• tiredness caused by anaemia
• hair loss

It is important to remember that you need to complete the full course of treatment to ensure you clear the hepatitis C virus from your body.

If you have any problems with your medicines, speak to your doctor or nurse straight away.