Getting treated in the Community

Treatment and support to access treatment has changed rapidly in the last few years. There are now several OST clinics and GP’s offering treatment.

The work of the Hepatitis C partnership has helped establish a pathway of testing, treatment and support for those impacted by Hepatitis C. The organisations listed below offer advice, support (including peer support), testing and referral for treatment for Hepatitis C virus.


HSE, OST Clinics 

Treatment is available from a number of Opiate Substitute clinics OST clinics, please contact us on 01 454 9772 for further details or speak with your prescribing doctor. 


Community Response
Community alcohol and liver health service based in the liberties, Dublin 8. It offered a range of services in relation to Hep C including swab testing, Hep C information workshops for staff and clients, outreach support to clinics and hospital appointments and direct referral pathways to treatment within the Mater and St James’s Hospital, Dublin.


Irish Haemophilia Society
The Irish Haemophilia Society provides information, education, services and support to all with bleeding disorders and their families. The society offers outreach support as well as peer support for those living with Hep C.


Coolmine Drug Treatment Centre
Coolmine is a drug and alcohol treatment centre providing community, day and residential services to men and women with problematic substance use and their families in Ireland. Coolmine offer outreach support, peer support and access to medical testing for Hep C including direct referral pathways for treatment in the Mater hospital.


The work of the partnership is supported by various member statutory organisations including the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the National Drug Treatment Centre